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updated July 1 2010

MLXchange 5.0 Advanced
After completing MLXchange 5.0 Basic, this hands-on course will take you through the advanced features of MLXchange 5.0.

Learn how to customize your profile by creating custom search templates through Template Manager, create custom results grids through Column Manager, add your own personal website links to the homepage resources, and set personal MLXchange program defaults. Additional property search methods including Tax and Multiple Address searches are explored.

Using the new integrated mapping program Microsoft Virtual Earth, which includes overlays and locator buttons, learn how to find properties by radius, polygon and rectangular search methods. Also learn how to export your search results from a result grid.

Client Manager features such as importing/exporting contacts from an existing contact manager, printing address labels for clients in your contact list and managing client details are covered.

All these tools will allow you to gain the upper edge of individuality by creating a system that is tailored around your business needs!
Working with WEBForms 4.6
WEBForms is an online database and management system of real estate forms and contracts accessible through RealtorLink®. The NEW 4.4 version is more user friendly than ever with an optimized interface and wizard style interaction.

This hands-on course will help you to work smarter not harder when facing transaction deadlines. Learn how to save time and organize your WEBForms by creating personal transaction kits, transaction templates, create and manage a personal clause library, and quickly access the most up-to-date forms and contracts available.

All WEBForms version 4.6 features will be covered in this valuable course.
MLXchange 5.0 CMA
This course is designed to teach REALTORS® how to work with their prospective sellers by using CMA functions.

Learn how to create a professional looking CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) using the new CMA Wizard. Learn how to add comparable properties to your CMA from the MLS® database and manually make side-by-side price adjustments to any type of comparable property. Look at multiple ways to calculate the suggested selling price.

MLXchange 5.0 CMA offers flexible NetSheet and Closing Costs worksheets for inclusion in your presentations. Edit and save comparable property information and save original search criteria in the CMA Manager. Learn about the various print and e-mail options available.

This course will also provide instruction on full-featured CMA presentation binders and creating your own binders by selecting from available CMA reports. Existing CMA reports can be modified or new ones created quickly using the online Report Editor tool.

Stand out from the crowd by learning to create professional looking CMA presentations!


MLXchange Client Management 5.0 - Level 1
The new MLXchange 5.0 includes a suite of sales and marketing tools which will improve REALTOR® productivity, improve customer service, generate leads, facilitate better communication with customers and increase sales.

Learn how to set up your own professional looking agent website by selecting from available templates, personalizing the content and using your own domain name for the homepage. Set up your profile to send new lead information directly to your smart phone or e-mail. Learn how to capture internet leads to MLXchange by using the Property Search and Contact Me pages in other existing websites and internet media. Learn to interact with your clients through Private Client Webpages associated with your Agent Webpage. Add prospecting searches, recommended properties, notes, scheduled tasks and appointments to your Private Client Webpages.

Learn how to use Team Permissions for agent sites. This feature allows agents to add up to 4 agents/team members to their team whose listing will also appear on the "My Listings" tab.

Broaden your web marketing strategies and client management methods by attending this hands-on three hour course.
MLXchange Client Management 5.0 - Level 2
The new MLXchange 5.0 includes a suite of sales and marketing tools which will improve REALTOR® productivity, improve customer service, generate leads, facilitate better communication with customers and increase sales.

The new scheduling tool "My Schedule" allows you to enter appointments and tasks into MLXchange and associate them with your clients. Once you've entered your business activities into My Schedule, learn to synchronize your Contacts, Appointments and Tasks with MS Outlook using the MLXchange Professional Synchronization tool. Learn to create and Action Plans with the new Plans Manager. Add your own custom email templates to the new Email Template Library. Have your own library of email templates available for every situation. Learn about all the new features of the enhanced Client Manager including a new default client grid, ability to reassign and merge client information, and much more information stored in the Client Record.

This three hour course follows a workshop format giving participants time to make desired changes to their MLXchange profile.


MS Outlook for REALTORS® - Level 1
This course is designed for anyone who wants a basic understanding of MS Outlook 2007. The course will focus on identifying the basic elements of an Outlook environment. Emphasis will be on setting up a personal address book by setting up contacts, categorizing contacts, scheduling appointments in the Outlook calendar, scheduling meetings, creating and editing tasks. Learn how to send and receive e-mail with Microsoft Outlook 2007, compose messages, create signatures for e-mail account, use stationary to create a message and use folders to organize messages.

Let us show you how to set other Outlook options like outlook today options, calendar options and more.
MS Outlook for REALTORS® - Level 2
Now that you are already using Microsoft Outlook 2007 as an e-mail program, let us show you the skills necessary to use Outlook as a powerful Contact Manager.

Learn how to manage meetings, invite people to your meetings and have the meetings automatically scheduled in your calendar. Making sense of the volumes of e-mail and other information you receive might seem like a full-time job, but it doesn't have to be if you put the organizing features in Outlook to work. Learn how to setup rules within Outlook to file your e-mails automatically. Learn how to import and export contacts, synchrnoize your Outlook with PDA's as well as with MLXchange so that you can take your business on the road. Learn how to work with custom views, format settings for a view, use colors to organize messages and much more!


Creating Flyers with MS Word - Level 1
This introductory course will help REALTORS® and assistants create effective marketing and promotional material. Learn how to use Microsoft Word 2007 to create professional looking documents for feature sheets, flyers, advertisements, promotional letters, announcements and more. Learn how to create a flyer and save it as a Template so that you can just change the contents as and when required.

Let us show you how to use the graphic and design tools with MS Word 2007!
Create Flyers with MS Word - Level 2
A flyer is an easy way to display or show off your Listing. Mail it, hand it out, display it, or leave copies wherever prospects congregate. A flyer printed on one side of a letter-sized sheet, is among the least expensive, easiest to produce and hardest working marketing tools! Let us show you all the design elements in Microsoft Word 2007 that will enable you to create flyers that will stand out from the rest!

Now that you are using Word for creating marketing material, let us show you some more advanced techniques for creating professional looking promotional material!


Mail Merge with MS Word
This in-depth course provides students with the knowledge and skills to take advantage of the powerful mail merge feature in MS Word 2007. Attendees will be able to use the mail merge feature in the efficient production of marketing letters, mailing labels, lists and other documents so that repetitive tasks can be streamlined. Data for the mail merge can be taken from a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, Outlook contacts or a category of Outlook contacts.

Participants will be able to fully maximize the potential of the mail merge feature. Come and take this useful course so you can save time printing and e-mailing mass communication documents.
MS Excel - Level 1
Have you always wanted to learn Excel but not sure where to begin? Let us show you how to explore MS Excel 2007 environment and create a basic spreadsheet. Learn to perform calculations, modify a worksheet, apply formatting to a spreadsheet and save a spreadsheet.

Learn how to create basic formulas, calculate with functions, and copy formulas and functions.

This course will provide you with the basics to get started with MS Excel 2007.


MS Excel - Level 2
Have your mastered the basics of Excel? Are you ready for more?

This advanced Excel course teaches you sophisticated techniques that will enhance your control of the Excel environment. Learn how to work with functions, manage worksheets, create charts based on statistical data for sales & listings in an area, and more. Learn how to customize, protect, and automate your Excel environment for professional results!